What’s The Big Deal With Automotive Customization?

If you are truly passionate about having the best looking or best feeling car, then we are here to help. We at Salty Motor Works offer high quality custom options to improve aesthetics on both the inside and out of your car. These are the unconventional means that will help you stand out.

Our Automotive Customization Options Include:

  • Floor Mats

  • Sound Proofing/Deadening

  • Brake and Gas Pedals

  • Wheel Customization

  • Custom License Plate/Accessory Lighting

  • Aftermarket Seats

  • Steering wheels & removable adapters

  • Virtually any other Aftermarket Accessory

  • Custom Bumpers, Spoilers/Wings, Front Lips, and other Aero Enhancements

  • Electrical Wiring For Add-Ons

  • Light Bars, License Plate Lighting, Convenience Lighting, & other Accessory Lighting

  • Custom Emblems and Decals

  • Motorcycle Accessories

  • Windows Tinting & Vinyl Graphics

  • Speakers and Sound System

  • Security Systems

Let Our Experts Turn Your Vehicle Into Your Passion.

We'll do such a professional job on any of these services that you'll be coming back for more, guaranteed. We strive for excellence, and if you aren't 100% satisfied to the point that you brag about us to friends or family members about our service, we'll give you your money back, simple as that. Our guarantee backs up the quality work by our highly trained professionals.

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The Low-Down on Creating And Modifying Your Dream Car

Car customization is a huge business, with people just like you and me spending billions every year on customizing their car with aftermarket parts. When you look at some of the cars on the road, it can seem like it’s all pluses and no risks. Though most custom jobs wouldn’t affect anything, there are a few out there (mostly the truly extreme jobs) where modifications can adversely affect vehicle performance and/or  warranties, as well as put your safety at risk. Here are a few questions we often get in our local Salt Lake City shop.

What Modifications Are Going To Void My Warranty?

Great question! No car lover wants to do anything that will end up making them pay more in the long run just to look cool. Most Visual modifications  aren’t going to void your vehicle’s warranty. The mods you want to worry about are if that mod causes a malfunction or damages your vehicle somehow. That would void a warranty on those repairs or repairs of related parts. For example, if you purposefully get huge wheels that don’t fit in your wheel well without rubbing on your car, your wheels can run the paint off, warp/bend the metal, and can also cause problems with the suspension components like the ball bearings or your shocks/springs. If you did this, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re not going to talk any manufacturer into paying for your repairs.If you’re worried about this happening (which many people aren’t because their car is used or they just want the look anyway) then you can purchase modifications that have been automaker approved.

How Legal Are Automotive Modifications In Utah Anyway?

It depends. Your super sweet JDM under glow on your Honda Civic probably isn’t going to cause you any problems, but if you remove any essential parts that are there to reduce emissions then you might find yourself in the cross hairs of the law. Reason being is those engine or exhaust modifications generally violate federal and state emissions laws. For instance, in Salt Lake County, you have emissions testing. If you took your DEF system off of your rad, lifted 2017 Chevy Silverado 2500HD you definitely wouldn’t be passing emissions in our county. Other Utah counties don’t have emissions laws as the air quality in the wide open is much better than in the Salt Lake County Basin. You could pass local laws without the DEF system as there is no testing to prove otherwise, but it is still illegal for the state and federal laws to do anything in that nature. Maybe you pass testing but fail a visual inspection because you’ve installed illegal aftermarket parts. The vehicle will be denied a smog certificate and registration renewal if an illegal part is found during inspection, pass or no pass as far as the sniffer is concerned. On the other hand, customizing your wheels, tint (to a degree, there are also legalities to consider here. For more info visit our window tint page), as well as plenty of other customization options are available risk free!

Are Vehicle Modifications Safe?

There are plenty of safe and unsafe modifications out there. We certainly couldn’t give our nod of approval to having your car so low it literally scrapes the ground, bump or no bump, as you’re driving. Well thought out braking modifications can improve a vehicle's handling and ability to stop faster, but that is also dependent on the install. Here at Salty Motor Works we know what we’re doing and offer guarantees on all our work. We also only work on aesthetic improvements, meaning we aren’t going to change the way a vehicle handles (unless that is a result of changing the wheels to a custom wheel set), or cut into your chassis. We will, however, add a slew of custom gadget and improvements to help your car feel more like your own.

Is It Worth It To Modify My Car?

That is the question of the century, and there are multiple factors to consider. If you ask us, then it is definitely worth it. If you ask our significant others the answer may differ slightly… but that’s besides the point! At the end of the day, many mods won’t make your car more valuable to anyone but yourself, but isn’t that the opinion you care most about in the first place? On the other hand, there are plenty of mods that do improve your resell rating. Window tinting certainly is a modification that everyone can appreciate for one reason or another, whether you want it to be cooler or you want your car’s interior to last longer, window tinting will certainly help. We recommend that anyone out there does what they want, after all, it is their car and they are the person who it affects more than anyone else.