Salty Motor Works Headlight Retrofits

Headlight Retrofits

You've got that amazing showpiece in your garage. But you can't take it out for a spin because the roads aren't lit well enough by your headlights. We can fix that problem. We'll retrofit your headlights to better enhance your lighting experience at night and make your drive so much safer. We also offer custom headlights for show cars, and all of our services are performed using quality parts by skilled technicians who are also vehicle enthusiasts themselves.

We are some of the top headlight retrofit specialists in Salt Lake City, Utah. Watch this video and see just a few of the almost unlimited options we have when it comes to customizing your headlights and making your ride even cooler.

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Let Our Experts Turn Your Vehicle Into Your Passion.

We'll do such a professional job on any of these services that you'll be coming back for more, guaranteed. We strive for excellence, and if you aren't 100% satisfied to the point that you brag about us to friends or family members about our service, we'll give you your money back, simple as that. Our guarantee backs up the quality work by our highly trained professionals.

This video shows an overview of a retrofit we created in our earlier years of a Ford Powerstroke F350. You can see even then our quality is top of the line, and has continued through to today. Your satisfaction is our number one goal when we customize your lights. We can change you high-beams, low-beams, turn signals, fog lights, or any other light to look awesome and perform better. We installed HID projectors, halo rings, switchback LED strips (signal lights) and 7.5 inch led light bars on this awesome truck.